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Aca tenemos a las letras de las canciones de un minuto.. gracias a!

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There’s no kindness in your eyes
The way you look at me it’s just not right
I can tell what’s going on this time
There’s a stranger in my life
Your not the person that I once knew
Are you scared to let them know it’s you
If they got close to you like I do
Then they would see a stranger too
Did I ever do anything that was this cruel to you?
Did I ever make you wonder who was standing in the room?
You make yourself look perfect in every way

You got it…
No time to waste with a check and a phone theres a club to close
Wheres your wheres your wheres your dignity
I think you lost in the Hollywood hills
Wheres your wheres your wheres your dignity
Cant buy respect but you can pick up that bill
Pick it up pick it up pick it up
It’s all you got It’s all you got It’s all you got
Cause money makes your world go round
Money makes your world go round
Always with Mr. Right
But then you have a fight (And he’s all)
Run into your friends ex
He’s happy to be your next (………)
Tomorrow’s paper is coming out
So kiss him..

With Love
pssh…ya’ll know

So baby lift your head up to the light
There’s danger in those eyes
There’s danger in your eyes
You belong to my darker side
Your a guy who sets a girl on fire
I can see myself falling in line
Like the hundred girls you had all the time
And I want more
I am so sure
That I want more
I am so sure
Cause I see
Danger danger danger

Gypsy Woman
Golden …with the night of your demise
Trying to run away with the gypsy woman
………so good
Cant get away with the gypsy woman
God only knows your secrets down below
And you
You go with her
You go with her
You go with her
The gypsy woman
This is a favorite game to play
Shes got you stumblin stumblin stumblin
Talks with a grin cause shes got no shame
Enjoy the fame
Bringing down the family name
She keeps….lies
She keeps….lies
Golden…the night of your demise
Trying to run away with the gyspy woman

Never Stop
You know were on the road of lonely and gloom
Baby please stop
And remember all the things that we’ve been through
All the good stuff
I wanted to know…to me..and all the things that we believe
People thought that we couldn’t be
But we never stopped
No we never stopped
You signed my name on the …
You put so much in my heart
When the darkness goes in
Ill be there
There for them
I want you to know
I want you to know
Ill never stop loving you
I hope that you know where ever you go
I’ll never stop loving you

No Work, All Play
So easy
Your digging in
So what’s living
No work all play
What a mistake
Let the crowds roll in and fill the sky
Got that meloncholy feel inside
Work all yourself
To run from…
You don’t have to side
Life’s not one big ….
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
Sometimes it’s hard lookin at yourself
You’d rather play some game
Then point at your wrong way
I still hide from my feelings myself

Between You and Me
You can call it what you want
But I’m not playing games
We’re both apart of the same story
Not on the same page
And I see you standing there
With that dirty little stare
Well it freaks me out inside
So maybe you should just beware
My love is not up for negotiation
Hello doesn’t open an invitation
Don’t take it personally cuz
You and me will know
So move on
Move on
Move on
Now saying your not nice
Let me give you some advice
There’s a girl across the room
Who’d kill to be with you tonight
She’s been looking over here

And complicate me
Your eyes must burn so bad cause you haven’t blinked
You and me will never be
If that’s what you think
Oh your such a dreamer
But I’m not a believer in
All the things that you dream
Stop watching me
Stop watching me
Bum bum bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
I go to bed and I wake up isn’t that interesting
Bum bum bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
I brush my teeth and see my dogs
Isn’t that thrilling (dont you think that that’s thrilling dont you think)
It must be fun to follow me pretending we’re a thing
It’s just so messed up cant you see
That your just scaring me

And I’m glad it’s today cause now I am strong
I’m happy and I thank myself
If it were up to you I’d be in my bed crying
Im happy
And I know that makes you sad
After all the things you put me through
I’m finally getting over you
I’m happy, I’m happy
There’s a reason that we met and I’m glad that we did (yeah)
But when we broke up I got back
A part of me I
Really missed
Now saying that you brought me down all the time
There were moments unlived with a light on my side
I’m happy and I thank myself
If it were up to you I’d be in my bed crying

I made myself left out
I got an imaginary shield around me
But nobodys ever really getting through
I keep thinking that they’re gonna break me free
But they never do
When somebodys knocking
When somebody wants in
When somebody’s trying to love me completely
I get scared
Don’t know how it works
Will somebody save me
Or will I get burned
Don’t wanna get burned
Is there thickness in the air?
Or are you heavy on my heart
Why can’t I just fit in?
Why can’t I do what everyone else does?

Outside of You
I hate it when you ignore me
You just don’t understand
See the funny thing is
Your just as useless as me
I can make you better
If you would just let me in
I’m outside of you
And I can’t get through
Nomore looking for beauty that’s dying inside me
Cant you see?
Im outside of you
And I’m so confused
You keep missing the small things
The safety that love brings
Cant you see?
Im outside of you

I Wish
Wanna know why I can barely talk
Well it’s not your fault so let me say I’m sorry
For making you the reason for my fall
I wish that I could be like I was before
I was running high but now Im feeling so low
I wish that you could make my work feel better
And take away the hurt so I wouldn’t be so far gone
I wish I wish I wish I wish
I wish I wish I wish I wish
You always hurt the people closest to ya
Guess I blamed you for everything wrong
And I don’t know why it’s so hard to tell ya
And I guess that’s why I’m writing you this song yeah
You wanna know why I

Play With Fire
You better know the lyrics..


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Hilary Duff, presentadora de los KCA 2007 Nueva Imagen de Diginity!!!!!

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  • 1. Cami  |  marzo 18, 2007 en 12:06 pm


    su pag esta muy buena!!!

    y que suerte que pusiern las letras!!

    son muy utiles
    xq hace tres dias que tengo las canciones de 60 segundos…
    y no tenia idea de lo que significaban…




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